Team Femisphere: Alina Reder, Lola Brozio, Mascha Camino

Femisphere is an Berlin based event, with a focus on the great diversity we have here in Berlin.

Femisphere is a place to come together, share stories and experiences, and celebrate the works of female, transgender, non-binary and LGBTQ+ game developers.

The idea behind Femisphere is to create a friendly and inclusive space for female, non-binary, transgender and LGBTQ+ folks, and provide a safe space where you can give talks and show projects you wouldn’t feel comfortable presenting at other games events.
This is not an event where we lament over the current state of the industry, but where we come together to share, inspire and connect.

This is a free event! Nobody is excluded, everyone is welcome to attend and have a good time.

Femisphere is aimed at everyone who works in the games industry or intends to. This means this event is not only aimed at designers, artists and programmers, but also at community managers, project managers, students, interns and so on.

If you are a female, non-binary, transgender, LGTBQ+ developer and have a game, art work or a project that you want to show, please get in touch! Student projects are also very welcome! (If you are working in a group, you can of course present your project as well!)

And if you don’t think that you fit the developer description above, but have a game you believe would fit Femisphere, please get in contact with us!

We also want to ensure that everyone has a good experience, that’s why we worked out a

Safe-Space Policy:

Femisphere is dedicated to providing a harassment-free event experience for everyone regardless of gender, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, age or religion. We do not tolerate harassment of event participants in any form. Event participants violating these rules may be sanctioned or expelled from the event at the discretion of the conference organizers.

Here you get some insights from the last Femisphere LVL 3:

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