Hey you!

My name is Mascha and I work as a Game Designer in the lovely Berlin based Indie Studio Maschinen-Mensch.

We recently shipped Curious Expedition 2, make sure to check it out on Steam.

Here are some really cool things I did in the past. Not so much Pandemic entertainment.

Womenize! Games and Tech (10th of April, during the #gamesweekberlin).
Womenize! is an action program for females in Games and Tech, combining practical and theoretical program parts. The format is designed specifically for professionals and emerging talents in the fields of games, media and IT industry – including HR & culture managers, decision makers, institutions and multipliers.

DEVOLUTION #5, Game Design as Gardening

Devolution is exploring/ dissecting the creative process of game development, encountering new characteristics with every new edition. Looking at games and game development from the perspective of Devolution lets everyone discover new and inspiring aspects of how games are growing into shape and what this means for game design and development and digital media in general.

This year, we teamed up with the lovely team of „Clash of Realities“ and built a Game Design as Gardening Summit. It will happen on Thursday during A MAZE!

A MAZE 2019

I will be able to host the Hyper Talks during A MAZE and I am THRILLED!
Find the full schedule of A MAZE here!